Having the right physical inventory counts are a necessary evil for just about any company that manufactures, distributes or sells products. It’s critical for an HME / DME business to understand and manage its inventory position and create accurate inventory levels in each of their locations. But that doesn’t mean your physical inventory counts need to be as time-consuming and painful as they are today.

Tips for Tackling the Right HME / DME Inventory Management Process

Did you know:  

Just about 43% of small businesses track inventory manually, or don’t even track it at all. 

Most companies average only 65% inventory accuracy. 

Most businesses have $1.40 in inventory for every $1 of sales. 

Companies that ditch the pen and paper for inventory and current clunky inventory management systems can expect to vastly improve those numbers.  

With a better understanding of inventory and how it’s allocated, HME / DME businesses can: 

  • Confidently rely on real-time inventory control that avoids miscommunication and mistakes
  • Keep less product inventory on hand in each warehouse location
  • Decrease unneeded inventory overhead costs associated with product storage

Curasev’s inventory management system makes physical inventory counts faster, easier and less frequent: 

Generate Inventory Counts Quickly  

Once a physical inventory count is complete, the Curasev inventory management system will immediately identify any products with discrepancies between the counted and recorded inventory. This allows you to generate a recount for those items to double check which makes your inventory levels the same in your system and warehouse 

Real Time Inventory Count Access and Automatic Reorders  

Curasev’s inventory management system lets you set up parameters and reminders on inventory counts, including which products to reorder and how frequently. You’ll have the ability to set reminders or automate the way that you restock your products inventory levels.  

Inventory Management Analytics  

Avoid poor inventory reordering decisions with the ability to generate reports and analytics that matter and communicate clean and clear allowing you to make the right decisions. With Curasev’s reporting and analytics solution you will have access to visually detect patterns and outliers within your DME / HME business to improve decision-making and directly impact the optimization of your inventory process. 

 Warehouse / Location Inventory Management  

Managing inventory in one location is challenging enough, but what about when you have multiple locations that have product inventory? With Curasev, you’ll be able to manage inventory in multiple warehouse locations with ease when it comes to our inventory management solution that allows you to manage inventory and track how much is in each warehouse, where products are located, and when to purchase more from suppliers. 

Do you have inventory management issues? Challenge accepted! Curasev can help identify and provide the right inventory management solution that can reduce costly product inventory mistakes and processes that can be hurting your sales. See how our home health software solutions can help with our solutions that include intake management, inventory, delivery management, analytic and revenue cycle management. Visit our website or schedule a demo and make care complete. 


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