HME Software Onboarding

Interested in switching HME/DME softwares, but want to know more about the implementation and onboarding process? Discover more about the Curasev onboarding process below!


Depending on the size of your organization and implementation goals, this process can take anywhere from 30-90 days.

Data Migration

We are able to use the reports that you receive from your previous DME/HME software solutions provider in order to migrate your data on patients, doctors, insurance, products, and pricing tables into the Curasev system. Learn more

Onboarding Portal

Interested in keeping track of where you are in the onboarding process? We have an onboarding portal integrated within the Curasev system to track when you have started and finished each part of the Curasev process. 

Training Academy

The Curasev Academy was created for employers to help educate their employees and billing staff. Here you have the ability to look at short 3-5 minute clips on how to navigate and work your way around the Curasev system. 


Here at Curasev, we make sure to go above and beyond with our customer support. View some of the ways you can get in touch with us below!

Live Phone Support

Contact us at any time 9AM-5PM EST and get in touch with a Curasev support specialist.

Support Ticket

Need help with the Curasev system but don’t have time to talk immediately? Submit a support ticket and receive a response within 24 hours.

Live Chat

Have a quick question that you need to ask? Reach out to us through our live chat support on our website.

Typical Project Plan

We have project implementation guides that are tailored towards the needs of your organization. View below how a typical project plan looks.

Kickoff Meeting






Sales Order




Billing & Reporting


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