DME Rental Management

Having an automated rental management system can enable your business by improving visibility, minimizing complexity, and reducing costs.

Rental Billing Management

Easily manage all of the billing information for rental orders that you may have using Curasev’s optimized rental management system.

Billing Intervals

Establish and set up rental billing intervals by day, week, or month. The billing interval will help with automatically creating invoices for your sales orders. 

Fee Schedule

Set up a fee schedule easily that will allow you to bill for the product differently each period depending on the allow amounts.

Convert to Purchase

Allow for the product to be converted from a rental to a purchasable product after the last rental period.

Rental Inventory Management

Manage all of the inventory you have for rentals easily, using our easy-to-use system.

Serialized and Non-Serialized Rentals

Easily track all of your rental inventory whether it is serialized or non-serialized. Also, view a history of the product that is being rented.

Pickup Tickets

Create pick-up tickets for your delivery drivers with ease. Add the product that needs to be picked up from the sales order and easily stop the automatic invoices from being created.

Automatic Inventory Tracking

Have the ability to track your inventory with ease. Once the product has been picked up, it will automatically be added back into the system so that you can use it for your next rental.

Rental Reports

Have access to rental reports that will generate more insights for your business.

Active Rentals

Generate a report that displays all of the current active rentals.

Pickup Tickets

View a report that shows you all of the current pickup tickets.

Asset Utilization

Create a report to gain insights into how your products are being utilized.

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