Utilizing Curasev Forms to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Operational Costs

By December 9, 2021 Blog

Tired of having to manually input information into all your forms? Curasev offers a variety of customized forms that automatically pull the data from your patient, delivery, and sales information.

Gone are the times where you had to have the form that you wanted side by side with the information that you needed to input. Now you can overlay your data straight from the information provided within our system.

Creating forms is very slow and expensive, with the use of Curasev’s form management, you are able to decrease workflow processing time and reduce the risk of human error. Curasev’s customized forms allow for providers to automate their workflow, which has been proven to lower operational costs and improve financial performance.

You also have the ability to add dynamic values to your forms such as branch name, phone, fax, address, patient name, order type, and delivery details. Thus, allowing for information to easily be added directly to forms based on the information that your form requires.

To make sure that your forms appear to be very professional you will also be able to add your branded logo to these forms. All in all, Curasev’s form management software allows for your business to stay organized, efficient, and reduce costs, in a timely manner.

Discover how Curasev’s solutions can help you with your HME/DME business. Get started and view what we have to offer in order to make your business more efficient. Interested in learning more about Curasev’s form management? Visit our forms page on our website or schedule a demo so that we can help you through this process!

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