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DME Document Management

Track all your HME/DME documents, make sure they are secured in the cloud, and be more efficient with our document management system.

Cloud Storage

Our cloud-based HME DME document management solution and our mobile app make it possible to access files, collaborate, track, and securely send sensitive content and information from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Have the ability to track your documents and manage them from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection.
Our cloud based document management system allows for easy organization of files.


Our cloud based document management system removes your important data from your computer system entirely, instead using a highly secure, off-site server.


Paper documents can get mixed up, lost and left behind all the time. Once this happens, there is nothing that you can do to fix it.
Such issues could harm your reputation at work or even cause you to lose customers.

Electronic Functionality

By switching from a paper solution to an electronic document management solution, many aspects of your HME / DME business can be automated.

This can in turn save you time to spend on other aspects of your business rather than focusing on these tedious processes.

Email Functionality

Have the ability to automatically send emails to customers regarding deliveries in order to maximize customer support.

File Movement

Move files from one patient to another in case of any misfilings.

Custom Document Types

Create your own custom document forms that are tailored to your specific business through our Curapro app.

Electronic Signature

Provide on-site patient education and capture their signature directly on the mobile app, confirming that the order has been delivered.

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