DME Mobile Delivery

Reduce overhead costs and improve driver efficiency by easily managing your fleet from the convenience of a mobile app.


DME Delivery Portal

Once orders are ready for delivery they will be routed to Curasev’s Delivery Management Portal.
Here admins can control their fleet, driver’s schedules, daily routes, and last-minute rush sales orders.

Optimized Multi-Stop Routes

Set the stop sequence of multiple orders for each driver's route while optimizing it using our visual map routing tool.
Help keep the cost of gas and maintenance lower for your business.

Distance and Time Calculations

When planning each driver's route, the system will auto calculate the time and distance for the route plan. Know how much time and how many miles each driver is driving every day.

Workload Balancing

Keep driver's schedules balanced by viewing and assigning orders creating a balance between routes according to miles driven and time spent driving.

Routes sent directly to driver’s phone

Share routes from the delivery management portal to the driver's phone using the Curapro mobile app.
Drivers will be able to review their schedules and address any issues ahead of time.

Real-time route modification

Changes made to the active driver's schedule will get pushed to the mobile app and automatically notify the driver that there has been an update to your route schedule.

Service time windows

Specify available time frames where the patient will be available to accept delivery and account for them when planning delivery routes.
Lower the number of redeliveries due to no patients being home.

Shows where your drivers are at any time

View all driver locations while monitoring where each driver is at currently.

What’s complete, who’s on time, who’s behind

Monitor the delivery status of scheduled orders and identify which drivers are on time or slowly falling behind.

Last-minute, rush orders easy to assign

Urgent orders needing immediate delivery attention can easily be scheduled.
Find the closest driver to the drop-off location using the visual map and insert the order into the driver's route.

Compare planned routes to actual

Compare the driving routes for each driver and compare them to the ones assigned.

See where drivers have travelled

Visualize the driver's completed route for the day, indicating locations of all orders.

Identify deviations that need to be addressed

Audit and inspect routes for drivers reviewing any discrepancies between the planned and actual ones.

curapro mobile app

Curapro DME Mobile App

Keep drivers updated with real-time information and updates on their schedules using the mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

Delivery Schedule

View pending and completed deliveries along with time and distance calculations for each stop.


Provide on-site patient education and capture their signature directly on the mobile app, confirming that the order has been delivered.

Curapro Mobile App

Order Tracking

Send real-time updates to patients when their delivery is on-route and which driver will be delivering the order.

Partial Delivery

If there was an issue with delivery due to any reason, then the driver can mark the product as partially delivered in the mobile app, and the Curasev system will auto-create a new sales order that can be delivered the following day.


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Curaway DME Mobile App

Allow drivers to help manage inventory through our mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory effortlessly through our mobile app.

Route & Product History

View all product history during you routes as well as to certain clinics.

Adjust Inventory

Have the ability to adjust inventory and give reasons for the adjustments.

Barcode Scanner

Ability to scan the products and auto increment serial numbers.


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