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HME Inventory Management

Track how much inventory is in your warehouse, where products are located, and when to purchase more from suppliers.


Inventory Control

Increase business efficiency by removing HME inventory bottlenecks that prevent you from fulfilling orders.
Update your inventory easily to tightly reflect on what is actually in your warehouse.


Update stock levels as you receive new HME inventory from suppliers.
Track the unit rate for each product shipment helping with yearly profit calculations.


Adjust inventory easily during routine stock checks accounting for any products that are damaged or unsellable.


Out of stock at one location, but not another?
Quickly transfer inventory from one branch to another, helping keep multiple locations in stock.

Inventory Tracking

Large quantities of different product types and sizes can be troublesome to track.

With Curasev, track product inventory by logging where each product is located and tracking them via serial numbers and barcodes.


Curasev is designed to manage single or multiple branches that your business may have.
Know exactly how many products are available, pending delivery, on-rent, and on a purchase order.

Serial Numbers

Log serial numbers of products, keeping track of maintenance schedules, warranty information, and other important information.


Scan barcodes during order fulfillment to make sure the right product is being added to each sales order.
Makes keeping track of inventory easier too; simply scan the barcode and the product will be ready for inventory transactions.

Shipping Labels

Dropshipping packages?
Curasev has integrated shipping label generation for major couriers to help make the dropshipping process more seamless.
Also, track packages after they have been sent off for delivery.

Product Maintenance

Store product manuals and warranty information while maintaining compliance.

Schedule recurring maintenance work, inspections, audits, and other related tasks.

Log History

View all the previous maintenance jobs worked per serialized product.
Keep notes of issues and parts needed, assigning them to the right person.


Get notified when products are due for their routine maintenance work.
Schedule a maintenance job and assign it to the right person.

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