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Data Migration

Already working with a HME/DME software? With our data conversion and migration process we make it quick and simple to transfer all of your data from your previous software.

Data Migration

We have a turnkey solution that allows us to use the reports that you receive from your previous DME/HME software solutions provider in order to migrate your data on patients, doctors, insurance, products, and pricing tables into the Curasev system. This eliminates the hassle on your end to add all of the data once again which can save you hours or even days of time. With this smooth transition, you can also focus on getting right to work utilizing our system.


Have the ability to add all of your patient-related information in one swift go. You can add anything from the patient’s contact information, doctors, and insurances.


Easily add all of your necessary doctor information, such as name, group, NPI, and PECOS.

Branch Insurance

Quickly add all of your branch insurances. You can add anything from branch names, groups, and tax IDs. Insurance groups, plans, forms, etc. can also be added.


Add all of your product’s details, manufacturers, vendors, default prices, and quantities.

Pricing Table

For your pricing table import, you can add everything from item ID, pricing details, required forms, and modifiers,

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