Optimize the Way You Use Patient Statements for Your HME / DME Business
Is your HME / DME business struggling with the frustrations of managing your patient pay collections? It’s important to make sure that you’re turning patients into paying ones without frustrating processes and disruption of other daily tasks that need to be focused on. Curasev is focused on providing you with the solution that offers security, compliance, pay billing and collection solutions that will take off your money collection tasks allowing you to spend less time
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UOM Conversion Solutions
Unit of measure conversions sure can solve a challenge for businesses that buy and sell their products in different units. If your current medical product supplier sells diapers that are in cases of 100, and you need 200 diapers, your purchase order will need to show a quantity of 2, not 200. However, you may need to sell them individually, so you will need a quantity of 1 when it comes to your sales invoice that will
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Avoiding Employee Mistakes with Home Health Software
One of your most important assets as a DME and HME provider is having the right home health software in place to avoid costly mistakes that can hurt your business. When your software solutions allow employees to do their jobs and is streamlined you can efficiently run a process without costly mistakes. In this article we will discuss how you can avoid potential employee mistakes with home health software solutions that avoid issues and roadblocks affecting business processes and problems along
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Implementing the right intake management tools to run your HME / DME business
Effectively processing incoming referrals improves collections and drives the success of your business. That’s why having the right patient intake management tools in place allow for more streamlined data recording, organized document management, and timely reimbursements. Avoid intake management costly issues and disruptions   Outdated manual processes, inefficient workflows, miscommunication, and costly printing can take control of your business and hurt profitability. With Curasev’s intake management solutions, you can avoid these issues and more with our innovative features built specifically to grow your business. Our intake management tools allow you to automate the intake process and build
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Tips For Tackling The Right HME / DME Inventory Management Process
Having the right physical inventory counts are a necessary evil for just about any company that manufactures, distributes or sells products. It’s critical for an HME / DME business to understand and manage its inventory position and create accurate inventory levels in each of their locations. But that doesn’t mean your physical inventory counts need to be as time-consuming and painful as they are today. Did you know:   Just about 43% of small businesses track
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