The Pros and Cons of Using Technology for Your DME/HME Business

By June 21, 2021 Blog

Technology has had constant growth throughout all of our lives and allows us to live much safer, more efficient, and more convenient lives. There is no end to the convenience of the newest inventions and their healthcare system benefits. The pandemic forced us to adopt new forms of technology for us to live safer and more comfortably.

With the adoption of technology like:

  • Zoom calls with physicians
  • Medication dispensing
  • Wearable technology that monitors our health
  • Online form fill outs
  • Virtual appointments (telehealth) with doctors and other healthcare providers

It is very hard to imagine that patients and providers will want to revert to outdated, less convenient, and riskier ways of doing things. All of these devices were used by the health care industry to maximize functionality during a time in which it was very hard to have personal visits. Services such as document management systems are necessary to maintain efficiency and organization. Lots of patient data needs to be stored in these documents submitted by clients. By utilizing these technologies, healthcare agencies are much better equipped to handle all of the work that comes their way. These technologies also allow for the health care industry to keep up with staff shortages without compromising on the services that they provide.

With that being said, even though there are many benefits to having technology in the healthcare industry, there are risks associated as well. Lots of PHI data needs to be stored and secured to maintain HIPAA compliance. If information is breached, clients can be opened up to fraud, credit, and privacy problems. This can in turn lead to DME/HME businesses facing fines and other associated problems.

Curasev emphasizes a strong focus on maintaining the security of all patient data. By removing all PHI data from one’s system and instead storing it on off-site servers, we can ensure that all data is secured and easily accessible. Curasev also focuses on making sure that your business operations are as efficient as possible. With an electronic document management system, there is also a lot of automated functionality that can overall save much-needed time. We focus on making sure that your HME/DME business has the resources to make storing data convenient, secure, and efficient through the use of our document management system.

Discover how Curasev’s document management system can help you with your data privacy and security issues before it is too late. Get started and view what we have to offer to make sure that your patient data is safe and easily accessible to you. Visit our website or schedule a demo so that we can help you through this process.

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