Purchase order management solutions
Having the right EDI technology that interfaces between your HME / DME business and integrated supplier is an important factor when managing your inventory levels and resupplying successfully. You need technology and software that communicates and gives you the status needed along the way to give you the ordering data support that keeps inventory levels efficient. In this article we’ll discuss how you can develop a successful resupply strategy with the right Purchase Order Management solutions that communicate the
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Tech Check Up - Home Health Care Software
Using the right technology for your HME and DME business is crucial when it comes to accessing the right home health care software that meets your needs and demands. Curasev utilizes technology to eliminate complexity, reduce costs, and increase profits, while keeping the patient experience in mind. Discover these tech check-up considerations that your business could be facing leading to disruption and unneeded challenges hurting your profitability and productivity.  Poor data visibility leading to decision making challenges   
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Is your intake management process dragging you down? It’s critical to know whether your business is profitable or not. However, you could be dealing with many challenges that include miscommunications and information that gets lost. If your intake process is not streamlined it can affect other departments from the front lines all the way down to the back-end billing process. Luckily the right technology with HME and DME Software can help solve and prevent these possible bottlenecks that can be hurting
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Health Care Software Retail Challenges
The new way to purchase home health care products is changing rapidly with the way that customers are ordering medical products. No longer are medical patients looking to physically go to retail stores and purchases products. They are looking to have them either available on-site during appointments or shipped directly after a recommendation and selection is made. These challenges and retail shopping trend changes can lead to an advantage when using a home health software
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Are You Avoiding Hidden Costs with Your Home Health Care Deliveries?
Having a busy flow of orders and purchases from your customers may seem like a profitable result that is growing your business and profitability. However, you may not be as profitable as you think when it comes to your home health care deliveries. Just because product margins are profitable and selling well doesn’t mean that you are maximizing profits or even making money on an order. Delivery costs could be eating away at your profits
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