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HME DME Software Use Cases

A flexible, multi use case HME DME software that can take on multiple user scenarios with ease and solve your specific problem.

Several Possible User Scenarios

From HME/DME Retail to Workers’ Compensation to Insurance Payer to Facility Orders to Mobile Delivery to Dropshipping, the Curasev solution takes on all and more with smooth dexterity.

Retail Store Operations

You are running an HME/DME store, and the patient comes directly to your store. You could have a storefront and bill customers later. Or you could have the storefront with products that customers buy off the shelf and pay immediately.

The Curasev solution rapidly processes all transactions and bills orders directly to patients. Items can be uploaded with UPC labels. At the time of checkout, they can be scanned with a bar code reader, fetched, and added to the order. Pricing can be based on whether the payment is being made by an insurance payer or by the patient, with the information maintained in the solution’s retail price table. Payments can be accepted via cash, check, or credit card on the solution website (via an integration with CardConnect). For repeat customers, the credit card can be saved to their profile and enabled through the patient chart. Re-occuring billing plans are possible for equipment rentals, with no insurance involved. Billing schedules can be set up with the amount, billing frequency, and duration of billing. Collected amounts can be auto posted. Orders or product exchanges can be voided or refunded. Patients can get their receipts immediately while patient statements are sent out in batches.

Workers’ Comp Operations

You supply HME/DME products to workers’ compensation patients and are looking to better manage the process.

The Curasev solution handles paper billing for example via CMS 1500 forms. Billing rules are coded into the system. Information captured includes incident details, employer details, fee schedules, pricing, TPAs, negotiated amounts, and more. Specific settings and form fields can be customized anytime. Rentals and pick-up tickets can be handled with ease. Any additional documents or e-files that are uploaded to the patient profile can be printed with the CMS 1500 form. For mailing, you can select the forms to be attached to the 1500 form and preview/print them to generate the PDF. This consolidates the packet to be mailed out to anyone. Outbound faxing to attorneys, providers etc. is also possible besides printing of PDFs and emailing.

Regular Payer Billing

You run an HME/DME business with insured customers, and you need to bill payers for equipment and services provided.

The Curasev solution smoothly handles both electronic and paper claims. CMS 1500 forms as well as agency statements for facility orders are taken care of. For electronic claims, the solution integrates with the clearinghouse to send claims, get claims status, review any issues with claims, and look at any rejections through the API. There is no need to go into the clearinghouse portal to manage claims or the billing process. Everything can be easily done from the Curasev solution dashboard. Billers can review charges, create claims batches, submit claims electronically, get status of submission in real-time, view any errors, fix errors, resubmit claims, and initiate any follow ups. For paper claims, a similar process unfolds with review of charges, print previewing them in a readable format, approving claims or putting them on hold, creating batches of claims that roll into a single PDF of all CMS 1500 forms, and mailing out claims. Forms can be printed in color with redlines or in black and white on your own redlined paper.
Purchase Order Management Requests

Facility Orders

You are an HME/DME business serving a facility like a hospice or urgent care center.

In the Curasev solution, the insurance is set up for example as the hospice. The claim type would be form and the claim form would be an agency statement. No clinical information is needed. The rest of solution functionality parallels other scenarios.

Mobile Delivery to Patients

You are an HME/DME business that ships products to customers and are looking to better manage the logistics and shipping process.

The Curasev solution will do it all. Schedule routes, create routes and sequences, share route updates with drivers via push notifications, send notifications to patients via SMS text messaging, manage contactless delivery ticket receipts, get mobile signatures, and include custom forms. Also, the solution handles Google maps routing, driver tracking, collection of co-pay/serial numbers, reviewing products and quantities, and any notes. For more details, click here.
Purchase Order Management

Dropshipping Equipment to Patients

You are an HME/DME business that dropships products to customers and are looking to streamline the dropshipping process.

In the Curasev solution, you can go in and set up your dropship suppliers via EDI or API integration or opt to email out paper purchase orders to them. You can create new products that can be associated with multiple suppliers and track the cost of acquisition from each supplier. When you add products to sales orders, you can pool orders, cumulate purchase requests, and send the requests out at the end of the day as a consolidated list to the dropship suppliers. Each Purchase Request can be associated with multiple sales orders on it. Invoice and tracking details can be received from dropship suppliers.

HME/DME Business Owners

You are an HME/DME business owner looking for more insight to improve business operations. Is your team doing better? Are you getting less or more rejections? Are you doing unbilled work? These are some of the many questions that you can seek answers to.

The Curasev dashboard will show what each user’s tasks are including faxes, sales orders, notes, and policies. You can expand the list and look at each task in greater detail. Logistics and location details are tracked: delivery activities, service times, driver duty times, driver delivery times, payments – all by branch/location. Reports on AR management, product inventories, serial number availability, revenue cycle, denials, eligibility checks, and more help you dive into even more details. With finetuned statistics and forecasting by branch location and account type, you can analyze for example biller performance, first pass claims rate, or trend compared to the last three months. You can analyze your Accounts Receivable from an insurance or patient standpoint including age, partially allocated/unallocated payments, and top 10 payers.
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