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HME DME Billing Services and Management

Curasev will manage your HME DME billing, so that you can focus on your patients.

HME DME Billing Services | A Full, End to End Solution

Curasev will take on your HME DME billing and access the right billing solutions needed so you can focus on patients while we handle the rest. We will provide a designated billing specialist to each account that has a knowledgeable team at their disposal to audit, bill, and collect on every claim that goes out the door. We strive to collaborate with you to provide the key components of communication between your clinic and our team to create a successful billing cycle.  
Our billing specialists will go out of their way for your business. Not only will your dashboard reports be easily accessible, but so will the client accounts. Curasev is always about full transparency and what better way to demonstrate that than with the ability to see everything that has happened to an account without having to ask for an update. 

Maximize the Way That You Get Paid

Are you sick and tired of slow billing processes that get declined and delayed due to mistakes and poor communication? Let Curasev take the frustration off your plate and simplify your billing process with our expertise.
We will fight for every dollar and conduct the right steps and procedures to avoid time-consuming delays and declines. You will get paid faster while getting the amount that you deserve.

Access the Right Billing Metrics and Analytics

You need the right metrics that matter most when it comes to your HME and DME business. With Curasev leading the way, you will be able to access the right billing metrics that matter the most.
With important and impactful billing metrics at your fingertips, you will be able to take control and make better decisions on your business to maximize profitability. Track billing staff performance, maximize first-pass claim rate, and bring down outstanding AR.

Focus on What You Do Best

When your billing is managed by Curasev, you are able to focus on the more important things and maximize your profitability.
That means spending more time on customers and less time in managing eligibility, pre-authorization, claims processing, reprocessing, and tracking reimbursements. We will eliminate your time-consuming efforts and back-office processes and enable you to pivot to the more important tasks that grow your business and increase customer satisfaction.

See Curasev in Action and Experience the Difference

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