Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Elevate the way that you manage your purchase orders with Curasev’s Purchase Management Software built to gain better control and efficiency.

It’s time that you took the way that you ship, track, and bill to the next level when it comes to your purchasing and warehousing capabilities. Inventory and delivery challenges are easily solved with the ability to integrate with your supplier allowing you to send and receive patient drop ship inventory in real time electronically.  

How Can Curasev’s Purchase Management Software Help?  

  • Remove manual data entry eliminating clerical mistakes
  • Avoid low product inventories with the ability to set re-order points and automate future inventory replenishments 
  • Decrease your inventory and delivery costs by avoiding unnecessary product purchases  
  • Know your order status at all times with automated notifications from your supplier throughout the purchase order process 
  • Provide equipment and supplies to patients without inventory disruption due to stock issues delaying order requests  
  • Place orders quickly and accurately with access to shipment confirmations, tracking notifications, and invoices that are available all electronically 
  • Keep patients notified with tracking information for their drop ship orders via email or SMS. 
Purchase Order Management Solutions

Purchase Requests / Purchase Orders  

Seamlessly manage your sales order from start to finish with the ability to purchase, ship, track, update product inventory levels for each branch in one place.  
Purchase Order Management Requests

EDI Integration – Electronic Purchase Order Workflow

Discover EDI technology that interfaces between your HME / DME business and the integrated supplier. Let Curasev provide the inventory support that you need with EDI integration that connects your account’s product inventory with ordering data supporting your workflow. 
EDI Integration Electronic Purchase Order

Purchase Order Management Done Right  

Discover these features that matter most when it comes to the way you manage purchase orders.  

Purchase Order Automation  

Uncover the power of automation when it comes to your purchase order process. Easily remove time-consuming manual tasks that turn your inventory needs into purchase orders with accuracy, speed, and control needed to streamline your processes.  

View and Track with Ease  

Track and manage every medical supply in your inventory with the ability to monitor, view, and control your inventory levels in each location, so you can make better decisions.  

Save Time and Money with Efficiency  

Avoid time-consuming and costly shipping charges by sending and receiving patient drop-ship order information electronically. Our paper-free solution allows you to resupply inventory while eliminating common errors from manual input.  

Integrate with Ease  

Curasev easily allows you to integrate with your supplier avoiding disruption and communication issues with your system. We’ve partnered with suppliers that include McKesson to make the way that you manage purchase orders seamlessly. In addition, we have the capabilities to customize your supplier integration needs based on your current or future supplier.  
purchase order management

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