Our Story

Making Care Complete


Curasev Started with a Challenge

It began in 2017 when Franklin Rooks, Jr. PT, MBA, Esq. (Advisory Board) entered the durable medical equipment (DME) industry with the acquisition of a promising DME fulfillment and delivery business. He quickly identified inefficiencies and untapped potential, but there was a barrier.

The company needed a more robust technology solution to help manage their demanding workflows. After much searching, he was disappointed to find that the industry lacked a single software platform that provided an A-Z solution with the clean design and functionality needed to get the job done.

With frustration in mind, he turned to industry veteran and close friend Sanjay Patel, founder and CEO of Practice Pro EMR. Sanjay and Frank had initially connected 20 years ago under similar circumstances—his rapidly growing physical therapy practice at the time was in need of a technology solution that simply didn’t exist.

He needed better clinical interfaces, deeper business intelligence, and a single solution platform. That collaboration would eventually become the industry-leading EHR platform Practice Pro.

So just as he had years ago, Frank again brought his current challenges to Sanjay and a vision quickly emerged: an all-in-one software platform that would reinvent the way DME business is done.

They saw a technology solution that brought intake, inventory and delivery workflows together with seamless precision. They saw a way to eliminate complexity, improve efficiency and reduce costs: they saw Curasev.


The Journey to Make Care Complete

After months of market research and dedication to discovering a solution, Sanjay formed a team led by Product Owner, Sunny Patel, that would transform the way DME/HME providers conduct their business.

Sunny’s strong background in enterprise software design would be crucial in the following months as Curasev took shape. The result was a powerful solution that integrated intake management, inventory control, mobile delivery, and revenue cycle management.

Fast forward to today: Curasev’s desktop and mobile applications are streamlining workflows and making businesses of all sizes more profitable. Their team of industry experts deliver the right combination of software, service, and support to help providers everywhere better serve their patients.

More than just a vendor, Curasev is the strategic partner you need to Make Care Complete.

Our Mission

Utilize modern day technology to help businesses

grow and provide patients better care.

Technology in the healthcare industry today is ever-evolving and we are seeing progress grow exponentially. Today’s business world heavily relies upon technology and here at Curasev, technology is our expertise.

The key to running any successful healthcare business is providing quality post-acute patient care translating into a better patient experience. At the end of the day, the patient experience is the most vital focal point for our company and we strive to make it better everyday.

Every stage of post-acute care is interconnected and having a fully automated management software that streamlines the entire operation makes it easier for our customers to grow their business successfully. Better streamlined processes means a better patient experience.

Curasev utilizes technology to eliminate complexity, reduce costs, and increase profits, while keeping the patient experience in mind.

Our customers and patients depend on Curasev because they recognize how significant Curasev can make a positive change on their day-to-day lives.

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