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Intake Management module of the Curasev system shown on an iMac

Referral & Patient Intake

Go Paperless

Curasev’s intake module consolidates and reviews incoming referrals, securely store and verify patient documents, and schedule follow-ups on pending tasks before processing sales orders.
Assign referrals to customer service representatives notifying and updating them in real-time.
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inventory management product inventory screen

Orders & Inventory

Track, organize, automate

Know how much inventory is available, on rental, and added to sales orders for every location.
Curasev monitors inventory levels and tracks the order fulfillment process, where products are located, and when to purchase more from suppliers.
Categorize and track by custom bar-codes, serial numbers, and universal product numbers.
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Delivery Management module of the Curasev system shown on an iMac

Logistics & Delivery

Route and schedule
optimization made easy

Reduce overhead costs and improve driver efficiency by managing your fleet with real-time map route tracking all within the Curasev system.
Workload balance drivers, live track speed and location, and share routes directly to the driver’s phone.
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Revenue Cycle Management module of the Curasev system shown on an iMac

Billing & Collections

Get paid what you deserve

Focus on improving key performance indicators such as lowering average DSO, increasing collections per claim and increasing your clean claim submission rate with tools and dashboards to manage everything from charge review to collections.
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Dashboard module of the system shown on an iMac

Business Intelligence

Uncover your business value

Manage your branch and measure performance with business intelligence technologies, gaining critical insight into your company.
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Argishti MadatyanProper Fit Diabetic Shoes, N. Hollywood CA

“I have been using Curasev for multiple months now, and I have to say that my satisfaction becomes surpassed daily. Curasev not only delivers on it’s performance capabilities and tools but its modern, clean, ease of use theme is very refreshing. The product combined with a solid team who provide excellent service is leaps and bounds ahead of the outdated market. I highly recommend Curasev to any business who is ready to capitalize on efficiency and organization. Without a doubt Curasev has been a strong catalyst to the success of my business.”

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