Having the right EDI technology that interfaces between your HME / DME business and integrated supplier is an important factor when managing your inventory levels and resupplying successfully. You need technology and software that communicates and gives you the status needed along the way to give you the ordering data support that keeps inventory levels efficient. In this article we’ll discuss how you can develop a successful resupply strategy with the right Purchase Order Management solutions that communicate the way you need to manage inventory right.  Purchase Order Management Solutions

Optimizing communication with the right electronic purchase order workflow  

Having the ability to connect with your supplier allows you to easily process orders generated from the Curasev system that generates a purchase order and sends a response to your supplier. Once your supplier receives the purchase order acknowledgment, they will then have the ability to provide you with a notification of the status of your medical product order along with the scheduled ship data and warehouse location. When you receive a shipping notification, you’ll have access to the carrier / method, tracking number along with the number of packages and weight info. From there you will receive an invoice that provides freight fees, product purchase prices, total invoice amounts, and dates shipped. By having the right communication around the way that you repurchase inventory youll have the ability to gain better control leading to efficient inventory levels that let you offer medical supply products with ease to your customers without disruption from availability issues 

Seamless supplier integration allows ability to improve your resupplying experience  

The positive impact of having the right supplier communication tools can easily simplify the way that you resupply without the need to seek inventory order statuses during your busy day. With Curasev’s Purchase Order Management Solution you can access real time notifications as they happen without having to pursue and track down incoming orders and inventory levels. The communication from notifications comes to you as they happen, keeping awareness along the inventory process. This avoids manual time logging or calling a supplier to track down your inventory arrival dates and details.  

Avoiding costly communication mistakes with the right purchase order management software  

Major issues can arise from unanswered phone calls, unread emails or ignored push notifications. Manual communication methods and tracking your supplier down can quickly lead to resupply delays and inventory mistakes leading to bad customer experiences on your end when it comes to the medical supplies ordered. With electronic notifications and reminders, your DME / HME business will be able to take the guesswork out of communication and eliminate ineffective business practices. 

Discover how you can elevate and improve the way that you manage purchase orders with our latest Purchase Order Management Software. See how Curasev can provide the right home health software solutions that offer intake management, inventory, delivery management, analytic and revenue cycle management. Visit our website or schedule a demo and make care complete. 

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