Is your HME / DME business struggling with the frustrations of managing your patient pay collections? It’s important to make sure that you’re turning patients into paying ones without frustrating processes and disruption of other daily tasks that need to be focused on. Curasev is focused on providing you with the solution that offers security, compliance, pay billing and collection solutions that will take off your money collection tasks allowing you to spend less time and effort when it comes to recovering the money that you deserve. With our patient statement solution, we’ll help you connect and automate with every aspect in your accounts receivable cycle. In addition, you’ll have the right integration with your current billing software system that will allow you to recover money faster and more efficiently than ever before. It’s like having an additional resource with you at all times that can help with your collections. 

With the ever-changing technology changes and challenges, it can be tough to meet and keep current with compliance requirements that is needed to get the job done. Curasev will provide and implement the right processes and resources that can eliminate manual processes and provide an automated billing and collection cycle for your entire process and system.  

An automated system can help you focus on what you do best –patient care. Patient Statements for Your HME / DME Business

Let’s face it, your business can’t go on without receiving a payment. Curasev is there every step of the way making sure that we’re providing the right credentials needed with the right messages to get the proper approvals to collect payments fast. Our goal is to increase your collection recovery and improve your cashflow. This allows you to focus on other important factors like patient care that is essential to grow and keep the patient experience top notch at all times. You didn’t get into this business to do manual paperwork and become bogged down by inefficient processes that take up your day. Having the ability to unload and remove mindshare on Patient Statements will allow you to focus on what you do best and help patients with their treatments and provide the right expertise for medical products that they need for their journey towards better health.  

Discover how an automated system can improve your workflow with Curasev’s Patient Statement Solutions and more. Get started and discover our home health software solutions that include intake management, inventory, delivery management, analytic and revenue cycle management. Visit our website or schedule a demo and make care complete. 

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