Let’s face it, the last thing you want for your HME / DME business is to submit claims without receiving remittance. Based on how the industry heavily relies on manual processes, there leaves a lot of room for errors to occur. Curasev provides an automated system for your business that can save time and money throughout the billing process. Often with a manual process, the handling of claims tends to go awry which can lead to not only lost time but also a decrease in cash flow. By having all your claims in one centralized dashboard and the ability to track them all using Curasev’s technology, companies have seen:

  • Reductions in DSO, average of 20 days
  • Clean claims 95% first-pass resolution rate
  • A denial rate of 5% or less by insurance companies
  • 90+ day AR has been reduced by 11%

This allows for a quicker and more efficient billing process without the headaches of worrying about manually checking claims status multiple times over an extended period.

Want to know exactly what Curasev’s technology can do to help with this tedious RCM process?

Let’s take it back a bit to the claim management portion of the cycle. For starters, Curasev’s charge review process is vigorous by making sure that all information presented on the claim is accurate through the utilization of claim scrubbing. Curasev’s software is highly integrated with APIs which aid in validation and allows for fewer clerical errors. This claim scrubbing process allows for cleaner claims, quicker payments, fewer denials, and a decrease in outstanding AR. Additionally, there is an entire follow-up system before any major actions are taken. This ensures that any information that is needed for the claim gets added before going to the clearinghouse to avoid rejections while also ensuring DSO is reduced. Curasev’s claim processing system also allows for batch submission, claim tracking, denial monitoring, and resubmission of the claim directly within the system. No need to open the clearinghouse portal. Overall, the system allows you to focus on other more important factors like patient care while automating your RCM process. Having the ability to automate a large amount of this process can save an enormous amount of time and money, which can then be used to focus on improving your patient’s experience and grow as a business.

Discover how an automated system can improve your RCM process with Curasev. Get started and discover our software solutions that include intake management, inventory, delivery management, business intelligence, and revenue cycle management. Visit our website or schedule a demo so that we can help you optimize and simplify the RCM process.

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