Is your intake management process dragging you down? It’s critical to know whether your business is profitable or not. However, you could be dealing with many challenges that include miscommunications and information that gets lost. If your intake process is not streamlined it can affect other departments from the front lines all the way down to the back-end billing process. Luckily the right technology with HME and DME Software can help solve and prevent these possible bottlenecks that can be hurting your business. Here are 3 potential bottlenecks that you can be facing with the right HME and DME software solutions that can help solve these challenges and streamline the way that you run your business.  Intake Management

Intake Management Bottleneck 1


Inefficient Information and Data Upload Processes  

Paper processes that include scanning and uploading information can lead to costly mistakes and time-consuming efforts that can create misplaced information and miscommunication.  


Curasev offers a digitalized way to manage documents and go paperless. Easily access and store each document electronically while having the ability to organize and retrieve without disruption. We know that referrals can come in different ways and having a way to channel them through your software platforms allows you to efficiently manage these documents. When you have the right technology solutions in place, it will allow you to streamline documents that are uploaded from the front end process while communicating to the back end billing process with all the documents needed at everyone’s fingertips no matter which department is in need.  

Intake Management Bottleneck 2


Referral Management Disconnections  

Many HME and DME businesses are struggling when it comes to assessing a patient’s financial responsibility for the medical equipment that they need to purchase.  


As an HME and DME provider, it is key to provide awareness that provides the costs in regards to what they are financially responsible for when it comes to the medical equipment they are looking to purchase. With Curasev’s intake management solutions you can simply review the patients’ medical benefits and ensure what is covered along with what needs to be paid based on their behalf. This will help automate your process and communications when it comes to managing their financial responsibility.  

Intake Management Bottleneck 3


Communication Gaps  

A common challenge that businesses are facing is when it comes to the coordination between staff and medical equipment prescribers. Key information and faulty processes can lead to mistakes and time-consuming efforts to trace information and documents needed to manage tasks.  


Everyone involved in your intake management process needs to have easy access to the latest patient and account information. When an intake coordinator is unable to access patient information and referral resources, it can slow down your process and lead to many mistakes and miscommunications through your process. With the right intake management software solutions in place it will support your workflow needs that can easily exchange information to those involved leading to a faster and accurate process to successfully consolidate your intake efforts.  

Are you looking to elevate the way that you manage your intake management? Get to know how Curasev can help with our intake management software solutions and more. See how we’re making a difference with home health software that offers intake management, inventory, delivery management, analytic and revenue cycle management. Visit our website or schedule a demo and make care complete. 

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