Effectively processing incoming referrals improves collections and drives the success of your business. That’s why having the right patient intake management tools in place allow for more streamlined data recording, organized document management, and timely reimbursements.

Implementing the right intake management tools to run your HME DME business

Avoid intake management costly issues and disruptions  

Outdated manual processes, inefficient workflows, miscommunication, and costly printing can take control of your business and hurt profitability. With Curasev’s intake management solutions, you can avoid these issues and more with our innovative features built specifically to grow your business. Our intake management tools allow you to automate the intake process and build a strong foundation to manage referrals consistently using OCR technology, electronic fax integration, and validation APIs.  

Discover an easier intake management process  

Incoming fax referrals are scanned by the OCR engine displaying all extracted information, creating a much easier intake process when tagging patient, provider, insurance, and diagnosis information. Upload and categorize electronic files with customizable document types that are automatically stored in the cloud and organized under the patient record. Assign referrals to service agents instantly, notifying them when certain orders require specialized product knowledge or patient setup. In addition, a single click enables you to view a patient’s detailed eligibility, prior requirements and financial responsibility with more than 700 insurances that include Medicare, Medicaid and many others.

Improve consistency and get the information that you need 

You need a streamlined process in place that makes it easy for everyone to know what needs to happen, as well as what will happen next. A well-designed intake management process will help eliminate any confusion that must be followed in order to complete processed orders. This allows you to avoid delays and disruptions that can create a clunky process leading to unneeded mistakes and miscommunication. In addition, not having all the right information in place can lead to a lot of wasted efforts that can slow down your intake management process. With all the right templates in place you’ll be rest assured that the critical information is added with the ability to set mandatory fields guaranteeing the right information is added upfront without unnecessary and time-consuming back and forth. 

Open the door for intake management automation 

There’s a good chance that your current intake process involves a lot of repetitive or mindless tasks. With a templatized process in place, it’s much easier to identify repetitive tasks of your workflow and allow it to be easily be automated. This way you and your team will not have to waste time on those time-consuming administrative tasks, and you can get right to the work that matters. So, with the power of automation you’ll be able to combat work requests that are flying in from every direction, it’s hard to get a handle on everything your team is working on at any given time.  

Discover a dynamic intake process designed to increase your efficiency and improve cashflow by capturing, evaluating and prioritizing all the right features at your fingertips. It’s all possible with Curasev’s intake management solutions, Making Care Complete. Find out more and see how Curasev can provide the right home health software solutions that offer intake management, inventory, delivery management, analytic and revenue cycle management. Visit our website or schedule a demo today. 

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