Are you focusing on what really matters most when it comes to your HME and DME business process? It’s time that you audited and streamlined that way you run your business. By identifying important gaps, you can improve your workflow, profitability and time. In this article we will dive into what really matters when it comes to growing and elevating the way that you run your HME and DME business and workflow. home health software

Make Every Delivery Count  

Your patients rely on you to deliver and make it easier for them to rehab and get back to full health. It’s important that you deliver a difference when it comes to reliable deliveries that give them the products they need when they need them. How can this be offered? It starts by optimizing your inventory that is in your warehouse. Having a software solution that allows you to manage multiple locations and log products as they come in and go out is key to a streamlined delivery process. Having the ability to track medical supplies with serial numbers that include scannable barcodes make it easy to keep track of inventory as each product is being ordered, purchased or damaged. Taking advantage of inventory management solutions allows you to make every delivery matter which takes your patient and inventory experience to the next level. When patients can confidently purchase products and receive them in a timely manner it adds value to their experience with your business which leads to repeat business and referrals 

Cut Costs with A Paperless Process  

Have you audited your printing costs lately? The high cost of printing sure can add up and reduce your profitability. Heavy unneeded printing processes can be removed when you have the ability to manage documents electronically and go paperless. In addition, your faxing process could be reduced and improved with an electronic fax that allows you to communicate digitally with the option to send and receive digital faxes. When your home medical equipment and durable medical equipment business has the right intake management solution in place you can easily add a cost friendly solution that avoids printing costs and cuts out unneeded administrative tasks involved.  

Utilize Mobility to Become More Efficient  

Gone are the days of being stuck at your desk when it comes to the ability to manage your business when it comes to delivery management. You need access to real time updates and information that goes where you go. Having a mobile option like the Curapro mobile app allows you to schedule, order, sign and notify with ease. This way you can effectively make changes as they occur and communicate with updates to drivers while they are on their route. Last minute rush order challenges are resolved with the capability to locate the closest driver that can pick up an order and deliver it in a timely fashion to meet demands. Without being able to know and track where your fleet is you would just be guessing on which driver would be right for a rush order. When the right mobile solutions are in place it will take the guessing game and allow you to make better decisions that improve time, efforts and costs.  

Use Data Analytics to Discover Inventory Improvements  

You think you may know how your business is running when it comes to inventory, but are you really aware of areas that need improvement? Using reporting and data analytics that can measure every step of the way can improve your inventory management and develop the right balance of home medical supplies in each location and warehouse. The last thing you need is high stock of products that have an expiration date that will eventually become obsolete to sell. Having access to easily view inventory and know details that include expiration dates will allow you to set the right inventory levels in each location without the risk of being stuck with unsellable inventory.  

Let Curasev help you focus on what really matters when it comes to offering home health software that can streamline your business. Discover our revolutionary HME and DME software solutions that provide intake, inventory, delivery and revenue cycle management to meet your demands and goals. Visit our website or schedule a demo to learn more and make care complete.  


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