One of your most important assets as a DMAvoiding Employee Mistakes with Home Health SoftwareE and HME provider is having the right home health software in place to avoid costly mistakes that can hurt your business. When your software solutions allow employees to do their jobs and is streamlined you can efficiently run a process without costly mistakes. In this article we will discuss how you can avoid potential employee mistakes with home health software solutions that avoid issues and roadblocks affecting business processes and problems along the road to providing the essential medical equipment that is needed by your patients.  

Removing multiple data entry avoids employee mistakes and miscommunication  

Eliminating a multiple data entry process avoids mistakes with employees along the process of providing patients with the medical supplies they need outside of their treatments. When your staff is bogged down with manual data entry and input, it could lead to costly data entry mistakes along the way through your process. You need to have the ability to intake data once and integrate it through your full process. With Curasev’s OCR Custom Form Processing solution you can simply use advanced character recognition that reads printed text and inputs the information that you feel is valuable to enter.  

Here is some of the information that you can easily integrate and streamline when it comes to avoiding multiple data entry:  

Patient information: (Name, birth date, address, and gender.) 

Provider (Name, NPI, phone fax and address.) 

Insurance (Name, policy number and relationship.)  

Codes (Diagnosis codes, procedure codes and quantity.)   

Employee mistakes can lead to improper insurance denials  

When the wrong data is entered and miscommunicated with insurance, it can lead to improper denials that can frustrate patients and hurt your sales efforts. If they get declined by insurance your chances of converting a retail sale will be reduced and lead to a loss in a potential sale. After your medical product recommendation, a patient relies on your business to properly manage the procedures needed to get approvals and utilize their coverage to access the proper deductions and co-pay amounts needed to access the medical product. With Curasev’s insurance verification solution, you’ll be able to easily manage the insurance verification process and catch any mistakes before they happen which will avoid potential denials with medical products that need to be purchased. This allows you to easily view the patient’s requirements and authorizations needed to get the approvals they need to follow through with your medical product recommendations.  

Managing claims with a streamlined process without mistakes  

Don’t leave money on the table when it comes to your claims process. Having the right home health software solution allows you to keep your staff on the right track at all times during a claims process. With the ability to auto create tasks based on custom rules created, you can set due dates to keep employees reminded when it comes to deadlines. This will avoid the possibility of missed deadlines that can affect your full collection along with delays that can hurt your profitability and chances of getting paid what you deserve. Curasev offers a Revenue Cycle Management tool that can reduce your average DSO and increase your clean submission rates with the ability to access the dashboards needed to manage everything from charges to collections.  

Are you looking to avoid potential employee mistakes and streamline the way that you offer and recommend medical products to patients without disruption? Challenge accepted! See how our home health software solutions can help with intake management, inventory, delivery management, analytic and revenue cycle management. Visit our website or schedule a demo and make care complete. 

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