Recent trends say that the home medical equipment market is expected to grow significantly leading to more purchase and delivery demands. Having your business prepared for these demands is crucial and highly important when providing the right products at the right times expected. Here are 4 best practices to consider in order to grow your Home Medical Equipment (HME) business. 

Provide the Right Selection of Home Medical Equipment to Customers

Having the right variety of medical equipment is essential when offering a solution that will meet your patients needs. Look to stock a variety of options in case a product is on hold or out of stock, this way a patient can substitute or access a similar medical product to easily continue their home health care with your offerings. An HME provider should also avoid potential competition with big box retailers. Instead, they should look to offer more exclusive products that are clinical and may be a challenge to access elsewhere. It is key to focus on the top selling products around the categories that you specialize in. Having the right number of products with size, color, and availability will elevate your efforts and build the way you run the retail side of your business.  

Know Your Numbers and Patients  

When you know your numbers and can access the right data, then you can make the right decisions on what products to carry and which locations and warehouses need them. Look to understand customer demographics, purchasing habits, identify top sellers, and understand price points in order to get familiar with your home medical equipment data. Using a solution like Curasev’s reporting and analytics tools allow you to easily visualize the data that matters most which lets you simply view important factors that include inventory, location and purchasing habits. Having this ability allows for better decisions which gives you the business intelligence needed to grow and become more profitable.  

Partner with the Right Manufacturers  

Having partnerships with the right manufacturers can make your life and your patients’ life way easier. Having the ability to access resources that include educational materials and brochures around a product will elevate your knowledge and enhance the way that you recommend medical equipment. With the right manufacturer you should be able to access marketing material that you can provide the customer to help nurture and educate them on the products offered. The more a customer knows about a product, the easier it will be to make a decision and move forward with a purchase. Having this added support will save you time, money and efforts to avoid creating this for each product. When collateral, videos, and other resources are provided it will allow you to focus on other initiatives to grow your business. In addition, having a manufactor that offers integration for purchase orders and dropshipping capabilities is key. With a solution like McKesson, you can provide product and pricing files, orders, acknowledgments and other compliance information. This functionality maintains inventory solutions for hospital and contract pharmacy customer needs. Patient monitoring is also highly essential when selecting the right manufactures. Look to access a complete solution for gathering and sharing patients’ compliance data over the web. Managing your patients’ compliance should be easy and having a manufacture that integrates with EncoreAnywhere and ResMed AirView can offer the right solution to partner with your needs.

Get Patients Their Home Medical Equipment Faster  

Chances are that your patients need the home medical equipment that you provide fast. Curasev’s delivery management solutions allows you to improve patient care with faster product delivery. Help relieve delivery errors, time consuming and inefficient shipping routes with real time access to drivers and inventory levels to create a strategy and process that will allow you to deliver home medical equipment faster and more productive.  

Visit our website or schedule a demo to learn more about the DME and HME software solutions that Curasev offers. See how our home health software can give your business solutions that include intake management, inventory, delivery management, analytic and revenue cycle management to streamline your workflow and make care complete. 


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