Enhancing the patient experience is a crucial part of how your company can grow and expand when it comes to offering the right products in a timely and efficient fashion without disruption. Errors in product delivery, long delivery times and insufficient insurance verification can lead to many pain points for patients that utilize your business to deliver the right products to take on their needs and care. In this article we will discuss how you can deliver a better patient experience and elevate the way you deliver medical supplies to meet their needs. patient care

Balance Your Delivery Management Efforts  

Your patient relies on you to provide and offer the right care to improve their health and well-being. The same goes for the products you offer when it comes to home health solutions. But, if the right medical supplies that you offer have long waiting times or deliver the wrong products it can lead to patient dissatisfaction hurting future business and orders. Having the right delivery management solutions in place can help resolve these potential challenges and elevate the patient experience. The ability to optimize driver schedules and balance your fleet can improve your process and eliminate shipping delays and errors that can frustrate customers. By adjusting driver routes based on location and having the option to have each driver ship to nearby locations, you’re cutting delivery time down with a faster and more efficient process. With the right delivery management solution, you can view the routes, drivers and locations that make sense to allocate to a driver during their day of deliveries.  

Implementing the Right Revenue Cycle Management Process  

Patients expect that the right medical product solution they purchase is not only good for their health but is also good for their insurance. Nobody likes to be caught off guard and surprised when it comes to the verification and process of their insurance covering the products that you recommend. With the right AR Management, you can easily track claims as they go through the process with insurance. This allows you to notify and provide the patient the outstanding balance with ease without any payment confusion. Easily view information and know which claim was paid in full, partial, or denied. By having an efficient claims process, patients will not be disrupted when getting the products they need in a timely fashion that keeps your care running strong after a clinic visit.   

Using Inventory Management to Better the Patient Experience  

The products that you offer are only good if a patient can access and purchase them. If your inventory process is clunky and you don’t have a true grasp on what is actually in your warehouse it can lead to product shipping delays and order cancellations. When your DME and HME software has the right inventory management solution in place it can remove possible bottlenecks that can affect inventory levels. You need to know where your products are and how many are available in real time. Software that offers inventory control lets you easily update stock levels from suppliers and adjust inventory that may be damaged or unable to sell. The last thing you want to do is offer a medical supply that you don’t have in stock. By enabling your business to efficiently manage inventory it can make the process from ordering to receiving a product seamless which in result provides a better patient experience 

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