When your business grows you need the right software that will grow with you and make it an easy transition as higher demands increase and more decisions need to be made. Here are 3 signs that you might have outgrown the way that you use your current HME and DME Software. 

Sign 1: You’re depending on spreadsheets too much  

Are you heavily relying on spreadsheets to run your business? It can be hindering your daily operations and costing you time and money due to costly errors and manual processes. These outdated processes can complex your daily activities and bog down your day. The last thing you need to do is allocate time for data entry each day and fill out time consuming reports that take you away from more important tasks. Having the right technology in place that offers quick and intuitive access to digital data is essential to have as your business grows. Having real time data from the right Reporting and Analytics solution that integrates with your performance will allow you to automate and generate reports that are far beyond what you can accomplish with spreadsheets.  home-health-software

Sign 2: You’re relying on different systems that don’t integrate with each other  

When the technology of your DME and HME software does not integrate well with each other, it can lead to lost data that creates costly delays and loss of revenue. Having a streamlined process that integrates and communicates with other areas of your business is essential to maximizing productivity and avoiding errors and mistakes that can hurt your business. For example, you need an inventory management solution that transfers over and communicates with the way you manage deliveries. If these 2 areas do not work with each other, it can lead to an operational disaster that creates shipping errors and wrong inventory levels. How can you deliver a medical product if you don’t have real time inventory levels at your fingertips? When the right integration is in place it solves this type of issue with up to the minute communication as your inventory levels adjust and order / delivery demands occur.  

Sign 3: Your business is not mobile and digital friendly  

Are patients left in the dark when it comes to their medical orders and deliveries? If so, you’re missing out on the opportunity to communicate and offer status updates and notifications when it comes to their orders. Having a solution like Curasev’s mobile app known as the Curapro Mobile App provides patients real-time updates when their delivery is on-route and which driver will be delivering the order. This keeps patients in the know during your shipping process and allows you to capture their signature directly on the mobile app, confirming that the order has been delivered. As your business grows the amount of deliveries will increase and avoiding patients calling you on order statuses and delivery arrival times can affect your day and the patient experience. When your business becomes mobile and digital friendly it will combat those challenges and streamline the way you communicate and deliver 

It’s time that you overcame these growth challenges and more with Curasev’s HME and DME software solutions. Learn how our home health software provides intake management, inventory, delivery management, analytic and revenue cycle management that grows with your business. Visit our website or schedule a demo to learn more and make care complete. 


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